Residential Project Design

We are an architecture firm with years of experience in residential project design. We have a passion for creating beautiful, functional, and sustainable homes that meet the needs of our clients.

The goal of our work is to create spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. We use our knowledge of architecture, interior design, and construction to create residential projects that are both stylish and practical. Moreover, we are committed to sustainability, which will reduce our impact on the planet.

We do residential designs in Ontario, GTA, Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Burlington, Oshawa, Pickering, Ajax, and Milton.

Finally, we are proud of our work and confident that we can make your dream home come true.

The Eighth Line

This house is located in a rich rural area in eastern Milton. It is an extensive alteration to an existing one-storey house. The design characters were used to match the neighbourhood character.

The Lauder

The Lauder is a new two-storey Triplex in St. Clair West Village in Etobicoke. The existing one-storey single-family house was converted into three two-bedroom apartments in the basement, main floor and second floor.

The Cobble Hill

We transformed a one-storey house into a 4,200 sq. ft. two-storey house in Etobicoke. The extensive design, externally and internally, converted it into a new custom home.

The Jones

This 3,300 sq. ft. custom made two-storey house, is designed on a corner lot in Bronte, Oakville.

The Heathrow

The Heathrow house is a renovation to an old single-storey house located in Humber Valley Village, Etobicoke.

The Conifer

the Conifer is extensively renovated and converted into the transitional style of the custom home in the heart of Markland Wood, Etobicoke.

The Mervyn

Located in Islington-City Centre West, Etobicoke, the two-story Mervyn modern style house is designed to occupy a total area of 4,400 sq. ft.

Liruma 1

This 5,500 sq.ft. transitional style house with two-storey and three-car garage provides the optimum utilization of the lot frontage.

The Theodore

This transitional style house is in Streetsville, Mississauga. It is a 4,000 sq. ft. new two-storey house.

The Melvin

This new two-story Melvin house is newly developed in a modern style with over 3,500 sq.ft area in the Ennisclare Park of Oakville.

The Liruma 2

This transitional style Liruma house is grandly developed over a 5,500 sq ft. in Sheridan Homelands located in the middle of Mississauga.

The Kennedy

At the heart of Caledon Village, the magnificent Caledon house is developed on a spacious one-acre lot occupying a 5,300 sq.ft. space.

The Calverton

Exposed to intensive alterations, an old small house that is in Mineola, Mississauga. It is turned into the marvelous transitional style Calverton house

The Bellamy

The original vast piece of land located in Scarborough village was severed into two lots to accommodate the identically mirrored houses of the Bellamy.